The Journey

The JJ Sisters, Jenny and Jessie, were born in Bangkok, Thailand. As young girls they loved to watch their mom cook. They knew, even then, she was a fantastic cook. Grocery shopping was her hobby and feeding people was her passion. It still is today.

As teenagers, Jenny and Jessie moved away from their home to study in Canada. It soon became clear that, without easy access to Thai eats and, of course, mom’s kitchen, they had to learn to make Thai meals themselves. The Sisters spent many hours on the phone with mom, as she shared her recipes and techniques with her daughters. Jenny and Jessie hunted for ingredients at local supermarkets, experimented with flavours by tossing aromatic lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves in a pan and created the familiar taste of their Thai meals abroad. It was an eye-opening journey for them, as they both realized they loved cooking. The Sisters enjoyed creating spectacularly delicious meals.

Following up on this discovery, Jessie trained in the Culinary Arts while Jenny graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business. The Thai Sisters followed their passion together and became owners of a successful Thai restaurant in Pitt Meadows, BC.

The energy that Jenny and Jessie displayed in their restaurant business catapulted them to pursue the next step of their dreams. The Sisters expanded their menu offerings by entering the retail market with their new Thai sauce line. Now every home cook can explore Thai flavours using convenient JJ Sisters authentic Thai sauces in their own kitchens - whenever they want.

Enjoy authentic Thai food at our restaurant in Pitt Meadows.

The Products

JJ Sisters™ presents a scrumptious collection of contemporary, authentic Thai sauces to help you incorporate the flavours of Thai cuisine into your meals. Simple enough for every day, every season and every occasion.

Thai Sweet & Sour Sauce

A dipping sauce ready to use in appetizers, grilled or BBQ dishes, or any food to add a delicious, sweet and sour taste.

Pad Thai Sauce

Tasty and ready to use in noodles and in stir-fries.

Thai Chili Paste

Ready to use in soups, sauces,
stir-fired noodles, fried rice or any
food to add a delicious, spicy taste.